I’m a singer songwriter living in Vancouver BC Canada.  Telling stories is a passion for me, and also listening to them.  Everybody’s got a few I find, and I like to tell some of mine in songs.  It’s something I have been doing pretty much since childhood.  Sometimes the stories come from my own life or my friends lives, or sometimes other images or insights get stuck in my imagination and I have to let them come out as songs (or they’ll send me to my room and not let me out until they’re done:).  Sometimes the songs are just there when I wake up in the morning and sometimes they take years to arrive.  I generally lean toward the poetic and the spiritual in my writing.  I sing and play acoustic guitar, most often a fantastic maple jumbo (J-09M) made by Larrivee which I truly adore.  Fingerstyle is probably what I am most known for.  I play in different venues around Vancouver from time to time.  Sometimes my wife Suzanne joins me to sing harmony vocals, and we have been known to add a drummer and bass player to the line up.  If you like what you hear, we’d love to come and play for you. Just use the contact form below to send us an email.  May all good things come to you.


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